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Beauty and the Beast Chapter 1
Okilly dokilly!
So this is my new series I'm starting on and yes, it is in fact an Ivan x Reader story. Have been working on this for a while and will add little bits of the original Beauty and the Beast story to this. You might even notice some lines from the Disney version in this story XD Let me know what you guys think!
Btw, the dress your wearing in the dream is based off of the one I'm wearing in a photo shoot I had. You can check it out in my gallery if you want to know what it looks like. Ish pretty :iconilikeitplz: Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5
Cover picture by :iconalatherna:

Editor- :icondaisygirl3000:
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Now don't get yer panties in a bunch, assuming you're wearing panties. I'm not changing the story line. Just wanted to let you guys know about some slight changes I shall be making. First I want to thank all of you for all of your support and lovely comments. It really does keep me going. I want to officially announce that I have my own personal editor! After all, every author needs one, right? So give a big round applause to the newest member of my crew :icondaisygirl3000:
I now feel official with someone catching all my mistakes, :iconbadassplz:
Though I won't forget all of my watchers who took the liberty of helping me out with spelling and such. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to assist me.

Now for the other part of this note. So I, and my editor of course, will go through each chapter and change some parts. What I'm mostly doing is fixing the choppy parts that I cringe at reading now. Seriously. I'll read some parts and think "Why on earth did I write THAT?!?" XD But I digress. I'll be adding some add-lib here and there and taking some stuff away while replacing it with something better. It's like the shiny, new and improved Beauty and the Beast! Like I said, the story line will be exactly the same. It's just that when I re-read my story I remember things that I wanted to add to make the story better. So that's what I'll be doing. Starting from chapter one and onward. NO thins wont stop me from writing the next chapter. XD But check in on the chapters every now and then and see if you can catch the new stuff. I'll make a note in the authors notes when it's been updated, if DA doesn't otherwise inform you guys about it.

Whelp! That's about it my muchachos! I'm excited about this already! It's like writing this story all over again, only most of the work is already done XD

Peace out!

WARNING. Some sensitive material enclosed. Friendly warning. Hope you guys enjoy :)

“No…No, you can’t just leave.” You said, staring at the door in disbelief.  You just could not wrap your mind around what had just happened. In your mind this went beyond all logic and reason. She loved her brother so much, to the point of babying him at times. When you first met her she was practically hanging on him every moment. For her to just up and leave like this was preposterous.

“No.” you said a little firmer this time, shakily standing up from your sitting position.
“No, you can’t just leave!” Your voice rose a bit at this point as did the pain in your arm, but you ignored it all; your indignation outweighed everything else except for Natalya’s sudden disappearance.

“You can’t just leave! Do you hear me?! You can’t just leave like this!” you shouted, racing towards the door and flinging it open, the cold February air hitting your face with a great gust. You barely saw a car pull out of the dark driveway and towards the gate. You had to stop her and talk some sense into her. You refused to let her leave like this, all the pain it would cause her brother and sister you could not allow for some reason. Like a burning fire, it drove you to run towards her car, your bare feet ignoring the stinging cold of the snow that you ran through.

“Natalya! Stop! Wait!” you shouted breathing heavily as the icy air filled your lungs. You stopped suddenly when the unthinkable happened. Like a giant firework, the car ignited and burst into flames, shattering the windows immediately and lighting up the dark morning hours. Time seemed to stop at that point; all you could do was stand in shock as the flames consumed the car.

“No.” you whispered, finally regaining your composure as you processed everything that had just happened.

“NO!” you screamed with all your might as you began to run to the car, determined to pull Natalya out of there regardless if she were dead or still alive. That is, until you heard a click from behind you, causing you to stop immediately. Your blood ran cold as your eyes widened, slowly turning around to witness that horrible man, General Winter as he was called, standing there with a gun pointed at your chest.

“I told you I would see you later.” He said with a wicked smile. You had enough time to gasp just before he pulled the trigger. A sharp pain shot through your heart as you clutched your chest, stumbling backwards and falling into the snow. You closed your eyes for a second only to open them in pain. But what you saw next was not something you were expecting.

“You are no longer my problem anymore, little one.” Ivan said with a sadistic grin spread across his lips, holding the gun that you could have sword Winter was holding. Your mouth gaped open in shock as he pointed the gun at your head this time. He said something, as if to bid you farewell, just before he pulled the trigger. Your screams consumed the air around you…
You woke up to someone shaking you roughly; the sensation of a large hand over your mouth caused your eyes to shoot open. Your eyes were met with amethyst ones, to which you recoiled quickly as a startled yell escaped your lips, yet it was muffled from his enormous hand. His firm hold on your good arm prevented you from moving much. You thrashed around as much as you could; terrified of what was happening.

“(Name)! Calm down.” Ivan’s solid voice seemed to knock sense back into you. You took in a few deep breaths before Ivan slowly removed his hand from your mouth, though he still held onto your arm for support. It was then that you realized you were sitting up in your bed. You quickly lifted your hand to your head, feeling for any bullet hole or blood. Thankfully you found neither. You then looked down at your chest only to be relieved to also find no blood or bullet wound there. You exhaled deeply and gingerly looked up at Ivan, who had a concerned look on his face.

“Wh-what happened?” you managed to ask in a shaky voice, slightly frightened of Ivan at the moment. He loosened his grip on you but did not let go completely.

“You were screaming in your sleep.” He said firmly. Your eyes widened in shock, realizing just how badly that dream had affected you. You certainly hoped you did not wake the entire house up. But why was Ivan here and not Toris or one of the other servants? Their rooms were in much closer proximity to yours.

“How did you-?“ You began to say only to be cut off in mid sentence by Ivan himself.

“I could not sleep…” he paused for a moment, glancing down briefly before quickly looking back at you.  “So I decided to go downstairs for a bit. That’s when I heard you screaming.” You took in a deep breath to calm yourself but froze when you felt his thumb run under your eye.

“Are you alright?” he asked. It was now that you realized that you had been crying slightly. You quickly wiped any tears away from your eyes, as if that would brush away your embarrassment, causing Ivan to let go of your arm completely and give you some space.

“I’m fine.” You said. Your voce still slightly hoarse as you looked down at your hands, which were placed on the comforter.

“I’ll be just fine. Don’t worry about me…it was just a bad dream.”

Ivan wasn’t sure what he should do at this point. At two in the morning what exactly was considered the right protocol in situations like this? As if his troubled thoughts weren’t bad enough. Roaming the halls of his home to hear a blood curdling scream coming from your room nearly scared him half to death. In truth he was worried that one of Winter’s men had been in the house. The thought of them attacking you, and right under his own nose, sent him sprinting towards your room. He was relieved to find you by yourself with nothing but a bad dream tormenting you.

‘This has all been too much for her…Maybe I should say something?’ He wondered.

“What’s going to happen?” you asked, your voice jolting Ivan from his thoughts as he looked at you. He was surprised to hear you ask such a question, a question he did not want you to know the answer to. After all, he wasn’t even sure what was going to happen exactly. Though he was bound and determined to make sure it was the best outcome as possible. A small smile graced his lips.

“Don’t worry about it, little one. Now go back to sleep. No more screaming, alright?” he said as he tucked you back in your covers, much to your surprise.

“Goodnight.” You said, as you began to fall back asleep almost instantly by Ivan’s voice. A yawn escaped your mouth before you closed your eyes, exhaustion overtaking you almost instantly. Ivan however was not so lucky. After making his way back to his own room he laid in bed for a long time, unable to fall asleep. Too many troubled thoughts raced through his mind, even more so now than before.

“What am I going to do?” he wondered as he subconsciously touched a particularly long scar on his throat, right below his left ear. The memory came flooding back like an uncontrollable wave.

“Get out of my way boy!” Ivan’s father bellowed, glaring daggers at young Ivan, who was only twelve at the time. But young Ivan held his ground, spreading his unusually long arms on either side to protect his mother whom he was shielding from his father. Ivan would not allow it, not again. He would not stand by and watch as his father beat his mother. A tear fell from his mother’s bruised eye from the situation she felt she had put all of her children in.

“P-Please, Vanya. You don’t have to do this-“

“-Yes I do!” he said, interrupting his mother for the first time in his life. Ivan’s father growled in anger once more.

“You dare get in my way and talk disrespectfully to your own mother?!?” He bellowed, to which Ivan narrowed his own eyes at his father.

“Like you’re one to talk?! You bastard, you beat her all the time and you tell me that I am being disrespectful?!” Ivan shouted, not even realizing that he was now gripping onto his father’s shirt and shaking him as much as he could. His head only came to his father’s shoulder, yet that did not stop Ivan from cowering back. His father’s hand reeled back as he backhanded Ivan across the face, sending him flying across the room.

“Alex! Please stop!” Ivan’s mother shouted in horror, unable to allow this to go on any longer. Yekaterena and Natalya hid behind the table; too scared to move. Only able to cry, managing a breath of air every now and then. Ivan’s father shot an icy glare at his wife, who shrunk back a bit from the look he gave her.

“I will do whatever I want to, so don’t tell me what to do!” He shouted, barreling towards her, ready to strike her at any given moment. But Ivan had recovered and sprinted towards him, jumping on his father’s back and wrapping his arm around his neck, applying as much pressure as was necessary to choke him out. His father gripped his son’s arm, trying to pull him off. But Ivan was much stronger than he realized. By now his father was sent to his knees, still trying to pull Ivan off of him.

“Run!” Ivan said in a strained voice, struggling to keep his grip on his father. His heart was beating like a jackhammer inside of his chest. His sisters looked at him in shock for a moment, no one dared to move.

“RUN!” Ivan shouted this time, to which Yekaterena grabbed Natalya’s hand and raced over to their mother. As she gripped her hand and pulled her out towards the front door she couldn’t help but look at her younger brother. His eyes held fear yet bravery in them at the same time.

“Run Yekaterena!!!” Ivan shouted even louder as the front door finally slammed shut, leaving only Ivan and his father alone. Ivan continued to struggle to keep his grip on his father, who was cursing at Ivan with a strangled voice. This only caused Ivan to become more enraged, his eyes darkening as his brows furrowed.

“No! I will never let you hurt them again, do you hear me?!?” Ivan said, losing his grip a bit. This gave his father the opportunity he needed to toss his son off of him, sending him colliding into the dining table with a loud THUD. His father coughed and took shaky breaths as he lifted his head to glare at Ivan, who had sat up and was now looking at his father with terrified eyes.

“So you want to play the hero, do you?” His father said in a dark tone, standing up slowly as he reached inside his coat, pulling out a long hunting knife that glistened in the dim light. Ivan’s eyes widened as fear overtook him.

“No papa! Not again!” Ivan shouted as he bolted for his room. But he was not fast enough to get away before his father grabbed him by the back of his neck. In one quick motion Ivan was sent falling to the ground, screaming in pain as he grabbed hold of his throat, blood seeping down his fingers as he tried to stop the bleeding. His father ignored his cries and kicked Ivan so that he rolled over on his back, pressing his large foot onto his chest. Ivan let out a strangled yelp as he looked up at his father, their matching eyes meeting.

In another quick motion, Ivan was wracked in pain as his father decorated his abdomen with another gash, applying pressure with his foot so Ivan would bleed out a bit. Not a shred of mercy or love was found in his eyes. No. To Ivan, Alex Braginsky was a true monster.

“Why are you doing this?!?” Ivan asked in a strangled shout, pain overwhelming his senses. Ivan’s father did not answer him. He merely slammed his foot into Ivan’s chest, causing the boy to cough up blood. Then Ivan’s father started heading towards the door to chase after the rest of his family. Before he left, though, he looked over his shoulder, meeting Ivan’s eyes once more.

“You will be sorry if you are still alive by the time I come back.” That was all he said before he kicked the front door in, sending a gust of cold wind and snow into the house. Ivan stretched his hand towards the door in a feeble attempt to stop his father.

Ivan now traced the scar across his abdomen, a bitter smile on his face.

“I am still alive…and you are not.” He said to himself, sadness crossing his eyes.

“Neither is mother.”
The next morning was a bit of a blur. In part because everyone was running around the house; cleaning, scrubbing, folding, cooking and doing other miscellaneous projects to get the house ready for Ivan’s guest today, who was scheduled to arrive by eleven. Toris told you to sleep in as much as you needed to, seeing how sickly you had looked at six this morning. Due to his request you ended up sleeping in until eleven thirty. You awoke to Raivis shaking your good arm gently.

“(Name)? It is time to be getting up now.” He said gently, causing a groan to escape your lips as your eyelids fluttered open, looking up at the Latvian teen that was standing over your bed. The curtains in your room had been drawn so the outside light illuminated your surroundings.

“What time is it?” you asked, yawning and rubbing your eyes with your right hand. At this you remembered that you had fallen asleep in your uniform.

“Eleven thirty.” Raivis said, causing your movements to halt quickly. You slowly removed your hand from your face and looked at him.

“Did you just say eleven thirty??” you asked in shock, earning a nod from him. You sat up quickly and yelped a bit in pain, gripping your left arm.

“Ow.” You said. Raivis looked at you in worry.

“Here, I have brought you some food to eat so you can take your pain pills. Taking them on empty stomach will make you sick.” He said. You laughed lightly as you recalled what had happened last night after biding him goodnight.

“Yeah. I know.” You said bitterly as you glanced over to your night stand, spotting a tray with eggs and sausage on it with a glass of water and a familiar white pill resting on a napkin. Raivis looked at you quizzically.

“Why do you sleep in uniform?” he asked, noticing that you had not changed into proper sleepwear. You scratched your head and yawned once more, shielding your mouth with your right gloved hand.

“I, uh, I was too tired last night to even get dressed down for the night…so I just slept in my uniform.” You said, leaving out a good portion about you tossing your cookies and crying uncontrollably out of the conversation. Or about how Ivan woke you from a horrible nightmare…

“How are you feeling today?” Raivis asked, noticing you looked slightly sickly. Your skin looked a slight shade lighter than it normally was. You slowly looked up at him and shot a fake smile in his direction.

“Just dandy.” You said, wishing to just lie back down and sleep for a whole week.

“Well, I have to get back to work. But come down stairs as soon as you finish eating. We will be needing the extra help today.” He said, leaving you alone with those thoughts rolling around in your mind. You exhaled heavily, closing your eyes a bit as you recalled to mind what had happened early this morning.

‘Well that was embarrassing.’ You told yourself. You would have felt embarrassed at the time it happened had you not still been half asleep. You remembered how terrified you were when you looked into Ivan’s eyes after waking up. It was almost hard to distinguish what was a dream and what was reality. Not to mention General Winter invading your dreams as well. But some relief came from your dream last night. Natalya leaving was all part of your imagination.

‘Thank goodness.’ You said to yourself. ‘That would have been a disaster if it had been real.’ A flood of scenarios flashed through your mind of what would have happened had Natalya actually left. They weren’t a pretty picture.

“Uhg!” you groaned as your arm throbbed. Your stomach growled in anguish; the scent of food teasing your famished body. So you ate in record time and popped the pain pill in your mouth, downing it with the glass of water that was provided for you. Now all you had to do was wait for them to start kicking in. In the mean time you flicked the covers off of your tired body and slowly hauled yourself out of bed, gripping your left arm as pain flooded through it like a wave.

‘How am I going to make it through today?’ you wondered. In truth you did feel ill today. It wasn’t really your stomach this time, though. Your whole body felt funny. It was hard to explain. You pinned the blame on all those pain killers you took the day before. After all, that whole list of nasty side effects can take quite a tole on the body.

“I’ll just remember to get plenty of food and water to make sure I don’t get sick again.” You told yourself as you slowly stood up, heading for the bathroom to at least try to make yourself look presentable, even if you didn’t feel presentable.

You flicked the bathroom lights on and looked at yourself in the mirror. You looked paler than normal.

‘That’s because I threw up last night.’ You told yourself as you turned the faucet water on, the splash of cold waking up your senses a bit more. Though you still felt tired.

“This is going to be a loooooong day.” You told yourself. And what a day it would be.
Natalya sat in her room looking out the window at the world outside. Her icy blue eyes scrutinizing everything she saw from the snow dusting the evergreen to her right to the people off in the distance strolling around outside in their winter coats. Yet periodically she would glance down towards the driveway to look at the young Lithuanian man shoveling snow.

‘He’s been at it for a good half an hour now.’ She told herself, taking note of each time he stopped to stretch his back from his hunched position, or when he would glance up at the little local birds that would dart from evergreen to evergreen, a small smile on his face every time they did. She sighed in sadness, knowing full well how long he and the others have been here. She knew they deserved freedom, but also knew that with her brother working for the very man that she loathed with a passion, the only way they would leave is if he got the money he wanted. Even with the help of the secret police force backing her the whole way she knew it would be dangerous. Yet she wanted nothing more than to see General Winter behind bars permanently, death row preferably.

‘Maybe the boys back at the big house can send him to the gulag in Siberia.’ She thought a smirk crossing the young woman’s face. But a frown soon found its way back onto her lips.

‘But what of Ivan? He works for the man and is just as guilty. Although…’ she thought, crossing her legs as she sat on her scarlet divan by the window.

‘He is also just as innocent, too. Winter can be a conniving wretch just to get what he wants. I’m sure I could talk the boss out of condemning him.’

Her hand reached for her personal phone, unlocking it with a code only she would know and dialing a number she knew by memory. If someone were to somehow crack her code they at least would not be able to find out that she worked for the secret services. Her cover so far was flawless yet she took no chances.

She glanced at Toris once more before exhaling and pushing the talk button, placing her phone to her ear as she waited. The phone range once, twice…

“Sir. It’s agent Braginsky. Yes…yes I know…that is what I wanted to talk with you about.” She said, speaking quietly so no one would overhear her.

“I…I have some news sir, news that will be bitter sweet for me to tell you. It’s about my brother…”
‘I don’t see why I have to serve tea to a bunch of stuffed shirt business men that Ivan doesn’t even like. Why does he even have to go through with this?’ you wondered as you walked towards Ivan’s office, tray of tea in hand. You were still tired, though. Maybe some coffee would wake you up. You hated the taste but maybe with a gallon of milk and a pound of sugar it would be tolerable…maybe.

‘That stupid jerk. He deserved a lot more than just a swift kick in the nuts.’ You grumbled to yourself, referring to the mafia member you had altercations with yesterday.

“I swear if I get my hands on him I’ll make him pay for what he did to me.” Revenge is an ugly thing. This was a rule you played by, yet ever since you arrived in Russia that rule of yours was waning very quickly. Everything was difficult now because of your injured arm. A sigh escaped your lips as you turned the corner, Ivan’s office just a few doors down.

“I need a vacation. A real vacation.” You muttered to yourself, stopping in front of Ivan’s office. You gulped a bit, somehow still disturbed by the nightmare you had last night.  A flash of Ivan’s face just before he pulled the trigger raced through your mind for a split second. You shut your eyes quickly and balanced the tray in one hand, knocking with the other. After being given permission and taking in a deep breath you reached for the cold brass handle, holding it firmly in your grasp. Once you opened the door you were expecting to see Ivan as usual, but you were not expecting to see-

“Hey there lieb.” Gilbert said. Wait…

‘Gilbert?!?’ you thought. Your eyes widened and your lips parted in a surprised expression. You could not believe what, or rather, who was sitting in this room. Gilbert of all people! And was he wearing a business suit?!

“Uh…” was all that left your mouth. It had been so long since you had seen him, or anyone else from back home that he almost looked like a stranger to you. Unfortunately in your shocked state the tray of tea slipped from your fingers, clattering and crashing to the floor.

“You’re speechless I see.” Gilbert said as he stood up, his snow white hair slicked back except for a few strands that fell forward on his forehead. You hated to admit it but he looked pretty handsome when he was dressed up like this, yet that stupid smirk across his pale lips made you want to land a punch square in his face. You narrowed your eyes a bit at him.

“What are you doing here?” you asked in a tone that indicated he was the last person you wanted to see. Of all people who could have come to bring you back home you would certainly not accept help from the likes of him. Meanwhile Ivan looked from you to Gilbert then back to you.

“You two know each other?” He asked in surprise. This was certainly a shock to him. You crossed your arms over your chest

“All too well I’m afraid.” You said in a solid voice, zeroing your eyes into his ruby colored ones. He chuckled in his strange way and began to approach you, taking purposely slow steps as if to take his time.

“Now, now lieb. Don’t act like you haven’t missed Me.” he said, a glint in his eyes. You scoffed at him.

“I haven’t. And don’t call me that!” you said in a raised voice. Ivan slowly rose from his seat.

“Maid?” he said.

“Come now, you don’t honestly think I believe that for a minute, do you?” Gilbert said, now standing in front of you. You narrowed your eyes at him even more.

“Well you should! What would even give you such an idea? And what are you even doing here?!” you said, completely flustered with this man at this point. He somehow always managed to rub you in the wrong way, even more so than Ivan when you first arrived here.

“Maid?” Ivan said again.

“Because it’s true frau. And I’m here on business.” He said, reaching out to touch your cheek. You slapped his hand away, appalled by his frank gesture of affection. You did not appreciate it.

“Bite me.” You spat. He grinned.

“(Name)!” Ivan said in a loud voice, catching your attention as you quickly looked passed Gilbert to see Ivan pointing down by your feet. You furrowed your brows and looked down, realizing the tea and broken tea cups were littering the floor. A gasp escaped your lips as you covered your mouth with your white gloved hand.

“Crap.” You whispered under your breath, dropping to your knees and carefully picking up the pieces of broken porcelain from the wooden floor. You looked up at Ivan and gave him an apologetic look.

“Sorry.” You said quietly before resuming your previous task. Gilbert took the initiative to give you the once over as you were bent over cleaning up the mess he caused you to make. But I won’t subject you to the thoughts he was having as they are far too inappropriate for me to repeat. However, this action did not go unnoticed by Ivan. It caused anger to swell in his chest.

‘How dare he look at her like that!’ he thought to himself, glaring at the back of Gilbert’s head. He had the urge to grab him by the back of the neck and ram his perverted head through the wall. Ivan stopped for a moment.

‘Wait…why am I angry?’ he wondered, yet he did not entertain that question for long. His lips seemed to move without his consent.

“(Name)?” he said aloud, causing you to look up, giving Gilbert a small window of opportunity to try to glance down your blouse. Lucky for you Ivan’s choice of uniform was modest.

“Go on and help Raivis downstairs. I will have Toris take care of this.” He said with a nod, sparing you another minute of Gilbert’s unwanted gaze. You smiled in gratitude and nodded, slowly rising to your feet and leaving the two of them alone, but not before shooting Gilbert the eye equivalent of the middle finger. He chuckled softly to himself as he watched you leave, his eyes lingering on placed of your body they oughtn’t. Ivan’s jaw clenched.

“She certainly is something.” He said aloud, turning around to face Ivan who by now had a sudden urge to punch Gilbert square in the face. But he resisted that urge, reminding himself that he needed to make peaceful negotiations with the Beilschmidt’s so that this situation would not get heated. Tension was the last thing Ivan wanted, though he would certainly fantasize about punching Gilbert in the face… over and over again.

‘Make this work. You have to make this work. No screw ups, Ivan.’

“I apologize for the interruption. Let us continue, shall we?” Ivan said, gesturing back to the couches, struggling to make his voice sound calm. He truly was confused as to why this incident had caused him to flare up in anger. Was it because you dropped the tray of tea? No, that couldn’t be it. He had gotten angry as soon as Gilbert looked at you…

“Ja, lets get this over with.” Gilbert said, waltzing over to the couches with more swag then was necessary and plopped down in his seat. Ivan eased himself back into the couch across from Gilbert, placing both hands on either of his legs to prevent them from ‘accidentally’ wrapping themselves around Gilbert’s throat.

“How exactly do you know (Name)?” he asked before he could stop himself. Well, it did seem odd and slightly coincidental that you and Gilbert just so happened to know each other. Though, from your reaction Ivan would assume you and Gilbert weren’t exactly chummy. A smirk crossed Gilbert’s face as he rested his left leg over his right knee, draping his left arm over the back of Ivan’s couch.

“Oh, (Name) and I go way back.” He said. Lies, but Ivan didn’t know that…yet.

“Really?” the Russian asked, cocking an eyebrow in curiosity and yet still perturbed by the whole notion that you and Gilbert were acquainted. How well were you two acquainted anyways?

“Ja. Her and I have known each other for years.” He said. Ivan was suspicious of that claim.

“Funny, she never mentioned you once.” Ivan said, his eyes boring themselves into the Prussian sitting across from him. His smirk never faltered.

“Well, we sort of had a fight before she was taken away from me.” He said as he looked Ivan dead in the eyes. If he was expecting Ivan to bend and cower he was sorely mistaken, it took a lot to get Ivan to do such a thing, and a pipsqueak like Gilbert held no chance of extracting that kind of reaction from Ivan.

“Shall we get back to business?” Ivan said, unfiltered by Gilbert’s look. Gilberts’ smirk widened a bit as he averted his eyes from Ivan for a second.

“Ja, I suppose that is the reason I flew all the way over here, isn’t it?” He said, clasping his hands together as he sat forward, looking Ivan in the eye as he spoke.

‘This should be interesting.’ Ivan thought, composing himself for what would happen next.
“This is unbelievable!” you nearly shouted as Raivis swept the kitchen floor, slightly startled by your outburst.

“Wh-what is?” he asked, clearing some dirt and old onion pieces out from under the stove. You huffed and placed both hands on either of your hips, tapping your foot in frustration.

“That guest? That so called ‘business partner’ that Mr. Braginsky is talking to right now, that’s what is unbelievable.” You said in less that thrilled voice. Raivis stopped sweeping for a moment and looked up in thought, his blond curls catching the light overhead.

“Well, he seems like he’s a very-“

“-Stupid, egotistical, self-absorbed jack wagon.” You said, interrupting Raivis with your own choice words. The glare in your eye and description of Ivan’s guest told Raivis that you did not like him very much.

“Why do you say that? You just met him.” He said, earning a scoff from you.

“Oh I know who he is. I’ve known him for awhile now.” You said, storming over to a cupboard and pulling a glass from it. Raivis leaned on his broom and watched as you filled your glass with water.

“You know him?” he asked in surprise as you turned around, closing your eyes as you leaned on the counter. A heavy sigh escaped your lips.

“All too well I’m afraid. I don’t trust him. He’s up to something and I want to know what it is.” You said, taking a sip of your water and huffing.

“I mean, think about it. Someone that I know from back home just so happens to know Mr. Braginsky and is doing business with him? Something seems fishy to me about that.”

Raivis looked down in thought. “I suppose it does sound suspicious. But it could also just be coincidence, right?” He asked, looking up to find you shaking your head.

“There’s no such thing as ‘coincidences’ with Gilbert Bielschmit. No, he’s got something up his sleeve. The question is: What?” You said, grabbing your chin in thought. Raivis tilted his head to the side, curious about what you were thinking.

“Do you think we should be telling Mr. Ivan about this?” He asked, earning a shake of your head.

“No. I’ve caused him enough trouble already. Besides, I don’t want to say anything until I have evidence of what Gilbert’s really up to.” You said. Raivis rubbed the back of his head nervously.


“All I know is that the sooner he leaves the sooner I will be happy. I really hope their ‘business’ doesn’t take long. I hope Mr. Braginsky see’s through Gilbert’s façade.” You said, taking another sip of your water.

“I guess this is bad time to tell you that Mr. Bielschmit will be staying in one of the guest rooms.” He said, causing you to chock and spit out the water in your mouth.

“Wh-what?!?” You sputtered, eyes widening dramatically as you gripped the counter for dear life. Raivis dropped his broom from your sudden outburst, shrinking back from you a bit.

“Are you going to be okay?” He asked, observing your now rapid breathing. You looked distressed.

“No…no, this can’t be happening! Why would Mr. Braginsky let him stay here??” You said in a raised voice. This was your worst nightmare come true: Gilbert sleeping in close proximity to you. The thought made you shutter in disgust.

“It will be okay (Name)” Raivis said, trying to reassure you. You, however, would have none of it.

“That little creep will probably try to sneak into my room-“

“-Not if you lock your door. Besides, his room is on the opposite side of the mansion. You have nothing to be worrying about.” He said, furrowing his brows together.

“Is he an old boyfriend?” He asked. You wanted to vomit at hearing him say such a thing. You gave him a serious look.

“Do me a favor and never say that again. No. He is not an old boyfriend. He’s not even a friend! He annoys the crap out of me.” You said, gripping the counter a little more.

“No, I barely tolerate that man. Uhg! And now he’s going to be staying under the same roof as me!” You said, throwing your hands up in despair just as Toris walked into the kitchen, halting immediately.

“Is…everything okay in here?” he asked, his green eyes moving from Raivis to you. You sighed and lowered your arms, shaking your head as you lowered it.

“No. Nothing is right anymore.” You said as you brushed past Toris and left the two of them alone. Toris’ eyes followed you the whole way before turning to Raivis with creased brows.

“What happened?” he asked. Raivis sighed and continued sweeping.

“Apparently (Name) knows Mr. Bielschmit and does not like him very much. And I mean she really doesn’t like him. I’m worried she will do something foolish.” Raivis said, bending down and sweeping the dust he had collected from around the kitchen into the dust pan. Toris closed his eyes pinched the bridge of his nose.

“This can’t be good.” He muttered as Raivis dumped the dust in the garbage can.

“Is everything set up for Mr. Bielschmit?” Raivis asked as he began to head towards the back entrance of the kitchen.

“I just finished placing his bags in his room. Mr. Ivan said to cater to his every need. It sounds like he really wants to be on Mr. Bielschmits good side for some reason.” Toris said as Raivis disappeared down the hall, Toris following suit.

“I know what you mean. I think this business deal is very important. I just hope it doesn’t end like the last four have. If Mr. Ivan keeps this up he’ll have a whole army of servants.” Raivis said, opening the cleaning closet door and placing the broom and dust pan inside.

“No. I don’t think this negotiation has anything to do with Arthur Kirkland. There’s just one thing that seems a bit strange about all of this.” Toris said as he leaned his shoulder against the wall, facing Raivis as he closed the closet door.

“And what is that?” Raivis asked, facing Toris.

“Doesn’t the name ‘Bielschmit’ sound familiar to you?” Toris asked, furrowing his brows in thought. Ravis grabbed his chin in consideration.

“No, not really. Why?” he asked.

“I think…I think I remember my father briefly mentioning that name before I was taken away. I used to have a terrible time falling asleep when I was younger so sometimes I would just sit in the hallway and listen in on my father’s conversations. I know it sounds far fetched but…I think that somehow Mr. Bielschmit is connected to Mr. Kirkland somehow…” Toris said, shaking his head a bit.

“Maybe I’m just over thinking it all. Living with Mr. Ivan for so long has probably got me paranoid about everything.” Toris said, a light chuckle escaping his lips. But Raivis did not laugh with him.

“You know what? (Name) had said that she thought something was strange about Mr. Bielschmit negotiating with Mr. Ivan. Maybe you’re not crazy after all.” Raivis said, looking up at Toris. Toris sighed and pushed himself off of the wall, ruffling Raivis’ hair a bit.

“Let’s not say anything right now. We don’t want to stir up any trouble for ourselves. Besides, if Mr. Bielschmit has an ulterior motive Mr. Ivan with catch onto it right away.” Toris said, laughing lightly.

“That’s one thing I can say about Mr. Ivan. He always knows when there’s foul play.” He looked down at Raivis and smiled.

“Come on. We should get back to work.”
Beauty and the Beast Chapter 46
IT'S HERE!!! IT'S FINALLY HERE GUYS!!!! And it only took three months DX I'm so sorry it took this long you guys. In truth, since June I have had no desire to all. And it sucks because I felt guilty. I knew there were a lot of watchers that were waiting on my. So for that, I apologize. Artist block is a pain in the tushy. But enough about that. The next chappy is out guys!
Hope you guys enjoy it. Tjis one was a bit tricky for me. It was one of those chapters where I had to have filler before I got to a main point...sometimes I absolutely HATE writing filler, especially when I can't think of any. Filler can make or break a chapter so I hope I fared okay this time. From here the next chapters should be smooth sailing for me. Hopefully.
Anywho, there is some sensitive material in this chapter so I wanted to give you guys some fair warning. Hope I did not offend anyone.
Did all of you actually think I would get rid of Natalya? XD Oh you silly readers. You can't get rid of Natalya THAT easily.
I wanted to have the readers infection ( :( ) start off slow and unnoticable before it goes into a full blows scare fest. But I won't give away any details. I have to keep you guys on the edge of your seat after all ;)
Poor Ivan. More back story to his past and many scars. And look whose in the picture now. Gilbert! Sleep over at Ivan's~! XD But seriously. What a jerk. Lookin' down the readers blouse. Well, ATTEMPTING to. Still though, what a cad!
Anyways. Hope you guys enjoyed this chapter and I hope to release the next one soon!

Cover picture by :iconalatherna:

For a full list of chapters, click the link…

Chapter 46 is almost done guys!! I finished typing it up. All I need to do is read it over and make sure it has my seal of approval first before I post it. Fear not my lovelies! You shall get your belated chapter soon!
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Now don't get yer panties in a bunch, assuming you're wearing panties. I'm not changing the story line. Just wanted to let you guys know about some slight changes I shall be making. First I want to thank all of you for all of your support and lovely comments. It really does keep me going. I want to officially announce that I have my own personal editor! After all, every author needs one, right? So give a big round applause to the newest member of my crew :icondaisygirl3000:
I now feel official with someone catching all my mistakes, :iconbadassplz:
Though I won't forget all of my watchers who took the liberty of helping me out with spelling and such. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to assist me.

Now for the other part of this note. So I, and my editor of course, will go through each chapter and change some parts. What I'm mostly doing is fixing the choppy parts that I cringe at reading now. Seriously. I'll read some parts and think "Why on earth did I write THAT?!?" XD But I digress. I'll be adding some add-lib here and there and taking some stuff away while replacing it with something better. It's like the shiny, new and improved Beauty and the Beast! Like I said, the story line will be exactly the same. It's just that when I re-read my story I remember things that I wanted to add to make the story better. So that's what I'll be doing. Starting from chapter one and onward. NO thins wont stop me from writing the next chapter. XD But check in on the chapters every now and then and see if you can catch the new stuff. I'll make a note in the authors notes when it's been updated, if DA doesn't otherwise inform you guys about it.

Whelp! That's about it my muchachos! I'm excited about this already! It's like writing this story all over again, only most of the work is already done XD

Peace out!



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